Economical, well-constructed & efficient alternative to both a large and more expensive central station air handler, along with features you won’t find in a lower capacity direct drive unit. These draw through designs are available for indoor applications and are equipped with blowers that can handle high static applications. Access doors for easy maintenance and cleaning.


Heavy-gauge galvanized steel insulated with ½” thick, three pound density, neoprene coated fiberglass.


½” O.D. copper tube with aluminum fins (12 FPI) equipped with manual-air vent. Coils are 100% underwater pressure tested at 350 PSI with a 300 PSI working pressure.

Drain Pan

Galvanized and powder coated epoxy with a 1/8” thick closed-cell insulation and has primary and secondary drain connections.

Blower Assembly

Belt-drive, draw-through design with forward-curved and dynamically balanced blowers. Adjustable, variable-pitch drive sheave and cast-iron pulley keyed to motor shaft.

Controls and Motors

Controls & motors are factory-wired and terminated in a junction box for single-point power supply.


Two-inch thick, flat, 30% pleated efficiency filter, with spring loaded clips on each side of access door for easy maintenance without the use of tools.

Materials and Specifications

Light to medium duty
Different insulations
Ranging from 800-12,000 cfm (2-3 tons)
Valves and controls
Up to 1.5” external static pressure
1 to 10 row coils
Two or four-pipe, hydronic cooling/heating, steam, direct-expansion (DX) and/or electric heat
Mixing boxes
Galvanized steel or painted cabinet
Filter options
Horizontal or vertical configurations
Double wall


Hotel Space
Military Locations
Schools & Universities
Hospital & Medical Facilities
Shopping Centers
Nursing Homes
Pharmaceutical & Technology
Office Buildings
Industrial Space